Masquerade Ball Party

Anna Liza Castro Pramis 16 March at 10:23

16 March 2010

TO: Sir/Madam,

We, the CANDELARIANS’ ORGANIZATION in ISRAEL (COI), cordially invite you to grace our Masquerade Ball Party on the 3rd of April 2010 at 8 o’clock in Bahay Kubo Disco Bar, Takana Merkazit, Tel Aviv. The party will be accentuated by the induction of first set of elected officers.

COI is the most recent organization formalized. We, the members, are truly honored to have known you in our short informal engagements.It brings pride to our roots as Filipinos.

We would like to request that you give us an inspirational spiel and hear your thoughts about how to move forward as an organization. Our mission and objectives are to: unite all Candelarians; maintain a harmonious and fraternal relationship among Filipino workers in Israel; conduct charity, humanitarian and social welfare projects for all Filipinos in Israel; support each other in times of wide-scale crisis or domestic adversities; create and promote ties with other Candelarians group established in the Philippines, and; engage in worthy recreational activities of Filipino Communities in Israel. Albeit the seemingly grand mission statement, the primary concern of this young and starting association would be the instillation in its members the concept of voluntary and altruistic service to Filipinos working in Israel without biases,provincial and regional discrimination.

Your presence will be highly appreciated and valued. We would be looking forward to see you there.

Sincerely yours,



FFCI PRO Mobile-0545296737



Ps. 70 nis ticket consumable tnx ! by : babes pramis


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