Koken Ergun interviewing Mary Lou Sulit Muga, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) living in Israel. Mary Lou talks about the social life and working conditions of the Filipino community in Israel.

This video interview is part of Koken Ergun’s project “Binibining Promised Land” which documents the beauty pageants of the OFWs in Israel.

Doda Lina was one the most prominent figures of the Filipino Community in Israel. She arrived in Israel in 1988 and she is a “treasurer” at the FFCI (Federation of Filipino Communities in Israel)

at Tya Marias Restaurant, Tachana Merkazit, Tel Aviv, march 2010

Charlene James Dandan is the organizer of Binibining Pilipinas Israel
and here she will talk about beauty pageants.
shot at the TACHANA MERKAZIT (Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station), March 2010


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